Continuous Water

Changing Times Mean Changing Attitudes to Managing Water

Many of us appreciate that we are witnessing a change in weather patterns. While we’ve all been through periods of massive regional downpours, these have been accompanied by more frequent episodes of long stretches of close-to-zero rainfall, which threaten our ability to provide clean town water. 

Council must address this. With weather patterns becoming more unpredictable even as we attempt to grow our shire to improve the local economy, I will lead council to investigate how to ensure there is enough water to meet demand, either drawn from local healthy river systems or collected and stored to offer uninterrupted supply during lean water periods. 

Through creating a Water Security Level of Service Strategy Plan, we can forecast our water requirements and goals, navigating a way forward on how to achieve them through improved infrastructure, efficient water usage, enhanced education, and reusing and recycling water in safe and productive ways.

Input from the community on this will be invaluable. Water-use innovators will be encouraged to come forward and be part of the process to drought-proof our shire.

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