Safe Roads

Reliable Roads that Help Drive Our Shire

Our local road network is critical for many residents of a shire that reaches from the south at Wangetti Beach all the way up beyond Degarra in the north. We live in a region that has periods of tumultuous and extreme weather. We know that it floods. We know of roads that are constantly blocked. We know the areas that are constantly damaged through these events. Because of this, our roads must be maintained by council so that they remain accessible and usable all year round and we must have plans in place to restore roads following extreme weather events.

In hope of putting some of our road network problems of the past behind us, I will introduce a Road Network Plan to guide council’s preparations for road improvements, repairs and future developments. I will also prioritise the sealing of frequently used gravel roads and regular maintenance on unsealed roads, such as the Bloomfield Track.

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