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Public Consultation and Information Provision

Accountable, Open and Inclusive Government

Shire residents I speak to have concerns that council has not been inclusive enough when it comes to consultation and information provision. Council is elected to represent and work for the voting public, so it is imperative that decisions we make have the support of the majority of ratepayers.

I will endeavour to implement vast improvements on what we currently do and how we do it and will investigate a range of digital technology to make this happen. This will be introduced as part of a new Community Engagement Framework – “Douglas Shire Council Transparency Code”

An example of one aspect of this code would be a system of live text feeds to all registered ratepayers to advise when and how surveys, consultation or information sessions will occur, linked to the opportunity to input their feedback on multiple platforms.

This code will improve council’s democratic accountability by offering ratepayers more transparency around local decision making and the ability to be involved in the processes of government, ultimately helping shape the shire’s future direction.

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