Daintree Power

Let There Be Light…and Power!

Unless you’ve lived without the ability to perform the most simple action many of us take for granted – that of being able to switch on a light – it’s difficult to comprehend some of the daily struggles many over the river have to contend with. 

This issue has been debated and surveyed ad nauseam. What I fail to understand is when a Federal government stumps up close to a million dollars to assist our fairly small Daintree community to kickstart an optional, environmentally friendly power solution, why would you not celebrate this and work for ratepayers towards a solution that embraces the option?

This opportunity to cut back at least some diesel use and enable those who want to be part of the eco-microgrid cannot be passed up, so I will ensure council works with the Federal government to get the best outcome when it comes to supplying the power needs of ALL residents living north of the river.

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