Mossman Botanic Garden

Showcasing the Unique Botanics of our Rainforest

Progressing the Mossman Botanic Garden Project is an absolute necessity, with a proposal of this scale and vision supported by council to ensure it gets off the ground successfully. 

The Garden will infuse Mossman with greater commercial opportunities due to its unique tourist-pulling potential in offering a world-class destination that provides invaluable insight into our Unesco world-heritage-listed Tropical North Queensland.

It may also lead to the beginnings of a new tertiary education culture for the township, offering the shire a new reputation as a place for students of botany, agriculture, environmental studies etc. to visit. 

Between the Botanic Garden and the Bio-Mill Precinct, Mossman has the potential to become a place that attracts a semi-permanent university student population and maybe even lead to the establishment of new satellite campuses of larger universities. This could potentially position the town to become an educational hub for our region, adding a completely new sector to the local economy while boosting the broader economy with the flow-on effect of students visiting and living in the region.

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