Mossman Pool & Caravan Park

Redeveloping Important Mossman Facilities for Locals and Visitors

Swimming is a huge part of who Australians are, whether it’s in the waters off our amazing beaches, having a splash in our backyard pools or heading down to the local community swimming hole for a dip and some social activity.

Mossman Pool offers a safe and social environment for children and adults alike to become water-smart and fit, but also to be more socially engaged through swimming clubs and community events, so the redevelopment of the pool will greatly enhance life for locals.

When linked to my hopes of launching a new inter-town public transport network connecting Mossman, Newell, Cooya and Port Douglas via a solar-powered bus service and possible upgrades to Mossman Caravan Park, redeveloping the pool will enhance the Mossman community and bring more of the tourist dollar into the town.

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