Macrossan Street

A Dynamic Streetscape Tourists Will Talk About

While the main street of Port Douglas is in no way broken, Macrossan Street needs a refresh.

Repopulating the gardens with modern tropical garden beds, and upgrading pathways and lighting themes will help increase public usage of the whole street and more generally improve its popularity. Parking is a major concern, both for locals and visitors alike, and if we hope to grow the number of tourists coming to Port, this must be addressed by the new council. A new multi-story car park and more streamlined cost-effective local transport solutions to take the pressure off our already strained parking network are just two ways we can improve the current situation.

The full length of Macrossan Street should be one of the strongest beating tourist-and-commercial-hearts of our shire. By thorough planning and not just ad-hoc projects we can make the entire strip inviting and vibrant so people will talk about it when they go home as having been one of the highlights of their trip to our shire.

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