Front Street

Renewal and Transformation of a Vibrant Country Town

Mossman’s Front Street is the main artery of Douglas Shire. While it is functional and serves a practical purpose, it can be so much more and it’s high time to make up for years of little progress or development.

Just as with Macrossan Street, Front Street also needs a 2020 facelift, revitalised in such a way that it still retains its great country-town character. If Mossman is to get any kind of commercial uplift to improve its take of the tourism market, this must start with council making the street investment-worthy. Improved car parking, access to public toilets and an enhanced streetscape are just some of the ways we can attract both businesses and visitors to the street. We must also consider Mossman’s ageing population, who might find the street challenging, particularly when it comes to disability access.

Mossman is one of several great towns in our shire and I am passionate about pumping new life into this central, important thoroughfare.

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