Destination Douglas

Douglas Shire Development Plan

The current council wishes to develop a Port Douglas blueprint to look at all the requirements for the continued growth and development of Port Douglas. 

While I obviously support and encourage this, given we also have many other wonderful townships, I believe we need to widen the development plant to encompass the entire shire. 

One example would be investigating the expansion of the Balley Hooley to travel on from St Crispins through to Mossman where tourists can then access the Pool, Mill tour, Mossman Gorge etc. Another is to revisit the solar-powered bus service concept (based on the successful Adelaide Tindo buses), which would improve shire-wide transportation access outcomes for residents and visitors. 

Every inch of our wonderful shire is as important as the next. Limiting the blueprint to Port Douglas betrays a lack of vision and fairness, and could even be detrimental given its narrow framing might lead council to double-up on expensive infrastructure better utilised on other important projects. A Douglas Shire Development Plan will allow for a range of projects to be looked at in both Port Douglas and other towns or locations, positioning the shire to take a more integrated approach to grow the value of our local tourism sector.

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