Crystalbrook Marina

A World-Class Marina in a World-Class Town

The Marina has the potential to be the focus of a new direction for Douglas. 

As a major component of enabling Port Douglas to survive and thrive as a tourist destination, the proposed redevelopment is a priority council should be embracing, taking the steps necessary to ensure the development proceeds in a way that benefits the town and community but that is also true to the vision of the marina project development team.

This project offers an unprecedented opportunity for the Port Douglas tourist brand to be revived, particularly for international markets. Council must keep pace with what the redevelopment will bring to Port by matching its own infrastructure to meet the anticipated quality offerings of the project. There’s no point having a potential jewel in the crown built when it’s surrounded by pebbles and rocks!

A council with me leading it will not allow this opportunity to pass or have us fall short of the great potential it holds. We will carefully assess the many facets that might affect the external operations of the marina project, devising strategies and undertaking work to bring the entire township along with the project in a way that matches what this amazing development promises to be.

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