Coral Bank

Building a Unique Collection of Coral for Conservation and Research

As coral reefs worldwide decline due to climate change, severe storm events and coral disease, Australian non-profit organisation GBR Legacy, with partners Corals of the World and Cairns Marine, have announced plans to safeguard the biodiversity of all known hard-coral species by creating the world’s first Living Coral Biobank Project in Port Douglas.

Their plan is to collect and keep alive hard coral species from around the world in a state-of-the-art holding facility – a type of “coral ark” – in an effort to maintain the living biodiversity of coral and their algal and bacterial symbionts to ensure the long-term survival of our Reef. 

Not only is this a noteworthy and amazing preservation project, it will also be another unique tourist attraction for vacationers to Douglas that I fully support and will be advocating strongly for.

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