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Connecting North of the River

Time to Truly be a United Shire: No More “Them and Us”

From Bloomfield to Wangetti, from Mount Windsor National Park to Flagstaff Hill Lighthouse, our shire should be united – a shire your council represents in its entirety. 

A hallmark of good government is Douglas having an inclusive council where regardless of population, all areas of the shire and its people are contributing factors in council decision-making and operations.

For too long, some residents have felt excluded from this. Over 700 people live north of the river, contributing to the shire as renters, homeowners, consumers, businesses and good citizens. Many of these residents have been left feeling their voices aren’t as important as others – that they are not included enough in council-made decisions about their lives. 

As mayor, I will lead the change for greater shire-wide unity. My first priority will be to give a letter of full support to the Federal government initiative to supply environmentally friendly mini-grid power to Daintree residents who want it.

My second priority will be to further investigate the reality of providing a two-ferry solution via an effective solar-powered 36-car ferry for the Daintree crossing. I will confirm that the process for permits is being completed for this solution and will ensure that there is full disclosure of the costs involved, and who will end up paying for it. As rate-payers, you have the right to make informed decisions with all available information presented to you.

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