“So, You’d Rather Have a Gay Guy Run the Place…”

Sadly, even though we’re living in 2020, one of the opposition appears to have an issue around me being gay and as it has been quoted to me on numerous occasions trying to run “the gay card” as a defence to keep the incumbent mayor in place.

While I am in no way saying the current mayor agrees with this or has sanctioned anyone saying it, I do consider it to be extremely offensive and unbecoming, and I guess more than anything it shows this persons true character.

Yes, I am a gay man and proud of it. I have no issues in being honest about who I am, and while I don’t rub it in peoples faces, I have no intention of hiding it or being anything more or less than what I am. And anyway, what’s so wrong with a gay man or woman being mayor?

To the person spreading this kind of deplorable nonsense, here’s some food for thought…

Tim Cook – CEO of Apple, Alan Joyce – CEO of Qantas, Peter Thiel – Co-Founder and Former CEO of PayPal, Jon Hall – Board Chair for the Linux Professional Institute, Chris Hughes – Co-Founder of Facebook, David Geffen – Founder of Dreamworks, Arjin Dijk – Vice President of Marketing at Google, David Bohnett – Founder of GeoCities, Harvey Levin – Founder of TMZ, Stephen Clarke – CEO of W.H. Smith, Antonio Simoes – CEO of HSBC Bank, Juergen Maier – CEO of Siemens UK, Leigh Johns OAM – Commissioner Fair Work Commission, Graeme Mason – CEO Screen Australia, Louis Vega – CEO DOW Chemicals Australa, Andrew Barr MLA – Chief Minister and Treasurer ACT Government and Michael Kirby – Former High Court Judge.

Just a few of the many successful gay men holding positions of authority, and there are a stack of gay women I could reel off like Ana Arriola – partner and product designer at Microsoft or Inga Beale – CEO of Lloyds of London to name a couple.

So, I guess I’m in good company.

And another thing – I’m not in this so I can “run the place”. I’m in it to be a mayor that works with councillors and listens to the will of residents.

Remember some of my key pledges – transparency, accountability, engagement.

So, the argument is wrong on every level.

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