LIE: I Will Cancel Contractors Working for Council and Move their Work Inhouse

The continuation of local employment of local contractors is an integral part of a council I will lead.

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that contractors are being told the outright lie that if I am elected mayor I will bring all work in house and stop using local contractors.

While politics is pretty rough and tumble, and I can wear that, this is a new low from political opponents who have also been spreading other lies and rumours about me and what I stand for and how a council I run will operate.

The fact is, my campaign has constantly stressed how important I feel it is to connect council more effectively into the local community and its needs and wants.

So, let me be clear – I have no intention of changing the council’s relationship with contractors and have NEVER stated anything of the sort.

I urge anyone who hears this kind of rumour to squash it flat.