He Doesn’t Care About Climate Change

Firstly, let me state that our climate is clearly changing, with weather patterns altering all the time. I am, however, like a majority of people in this shire 100% behind policy that clearly benefits the environment and everything on this planet in a sensible and realistic way but which is also in line with our requirements, needs, economy and community views.

My issue has always been and will continue to be with council monies generated by ratepayers not being used to benefit the majority and support its views. If that majority want us to utilise rate money for a particular cause, council should listen to the voice of the people. Councillors should not tell ratepayers, “This is what we are doing because it’s the right thing to do” if it goes against what the majority want when council has been entrusted with that money through the collection of rates to get things done for the benefits of that majority.