I Agreed to Everything I Now Say I Want to Change or Fix

I can understand why some people might say, “Well, you’ve been on council for four years, so you’re part of some of the problems you reckon you’re trying to fix.”

Fair point on some level, even if in reality I didn’t actually agree to everything. I’m not going to run away from the criticism but I’d say this: As a first-term councillor, I was on a pretty steep learning curve. Working alongside a much more experienced mayor and councillors, I felt I should defer to them both to show I could collaborate but also because I was still learning the ropes and didn’t want to seem like I was trying to be counterproductive by disagreeing with everything.

Well, after four years, I’ve learned a lot and come to understand that speaking out, even knowing this will rock the boat, is really important so that ideas that come out of council, which then become policy and affect everyone in the shire, have been really thought through.

This is why I am running on a platform of transparency and consultation.

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